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'I'm absolutely delighted with the wonderful treatment from a wonderful man' Joan SmithTestimonials-300x3001

'This is the first time I've had a tooth out and not felt a thing, you'll do for me'

'I have had a tooth extracted with an implant placed the same day. A life like temporary bridge was placed and 3 months later the final crown was placed. The final result is looks and feels like a real tooth.'

'The teeth supporting my bridge had abscessed and had to be taken out. Dr Leghaei placed 2 implants and 3 months later I had a new bridge. This was 5 years ago and they feel just like my own teeth...'

'My back tooth had broken and PK removed the old filling and put a computer made ceramic onlay in its place all in one day. It looks good and feels good. I have also had an implant on the other side. That also looks and feels like a normal tooth.' .

'My front teeth were gappy and discoloured. Pk designed my smile and checked that I was happy with the teeth before making 6 veneers which were placed on my teeth. This was all done with out any drilling of the teeth. My teeth now look great, yet natural'

'Today I had a tooth extracted, which was supposed to be taken out in hospital. I found the dentist (PK) very good and also the nurse. I experienced no pain at all and the job was finished in 5 minutes.'

'Thanks, you're the tidiest dentist I've ever been to...'

'It is several years since PK gave me an implant. The process was not as traumatic as I expected. The tooth was removed and the metal put in all at the same appointment. A week later it was healed. I am now unaware that I have something that has been implanted.'