Inlay / Onlay

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CEREC restorations are made using CAD/CAM (computer aided design / computer aided manufacture).

The teeth are restored in one visit compared to conventional inlays and onlays which require multiple visits and injections.

The restorations are made of natural looking and strong porcelains and composite resins made under optimal condition resulting in beatiful and durable teeth.

Studies have shown CEREC restorations to have 

On the right is an example of some old broken silver mercury fillings were replaced with CEREC restorations.  


The prepared teeth were scanned into the computer. The restorations were designed on a virtual 3D model of the teeth.

Blocks of highly refined, aesthetic and strong ceramic (Vita Mk II) were used in this case to mill the restorations.The block of ceramic was placed in a milling chamber where the restoration takes shape. The resorations are then bonded to the remaining tooth.




  The result is beautiful, strong and durable teeth.




An old broken white filling broke due to a heavy bite.


  The broken filling was removed and the cavity scanned into the CEREC computer.



 The restoration was then designed and milled from E-max CAD block. This material is 3 times the strength of a normal tooth which is ideal for a heavy bite.

The restoration is milled from a blue block (a lithium metasilicate) which is soft and easy to mill. When the restoration is heated to 840 degrees and glazed it transforms to a lithium disilicate which is three times stronger than natural tooth tissue.

The result is again a beautiful, strong and durable restoration.


E max cad fitted cropped